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Make sure your artwork follows our minimum upload specifications:

Images must be 300 DPI.

Image must be cropped tight – no outside canvas / artboard blank space.

Image must be the actual print size.

Image must have a transparent background – we print exactly what you upload.

Once your gang sheet or your singular image is created you are ready to fill out the order specifications.

1 – Input the exact measurements in the width input field and the length input field. Pricing will be calculated accordingly.

2 – At the total quantity input, input the number of times you need this specific design to be printed.

3 – Upload your file with the choose file button.

4 – Add to cart

DTF Transfers must be applied with a heat press. Set your heat press to the following parameters:

  • Temperature: 300 F
  • Time: 14 seconds
  • Pressure: Firm

Cover the film carrier with a piece of parchment paper to avoid the film from sticking to the hot heat platen.

Peel the backing film carrier as soon as the time runs out to release the ink on the garment.

Standard turnaround time is 2-3 business days on all orders. Place your order before 2 pm EST time and it will ship out 2-3 days from your order date.  This applies to those orders that have perfect artwork files.  See artwork specifications for more detail.

If the artwork does not meet minimum guidelines – we will ship 2-3 days AFTER the day we receive the corrected artwork.

Please plan for delays of 1-3 days for Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter.  We experience huge volume and delays may occur.  

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